Nick Distasio

“All you can do is give it your best effort.”

After finishing school and starting out his career working as a chef, Nick began working out for both the mental and physical benefits. He knew that he didn’t want to work as a chef or in hospitality for the rest of his years and wanted to find something that made him happy each day. As he continued his fitness journey, and strengthened his passion for fitness, he had a realisation as a trainer he could not only help other people find their love for health but also be excited to go to work each day. Nick now loves helping his clients change their lives for the better, achieve their goals and produce results that inspire them to keep going.

To those who are just beginning their fitness journey, Nick reminds us to keep one word in mind – ‘effort’. Nick remarks that effort is between you and yourself, and nobody else can take that away. By putting in that effort and consistently taking all those small steps you will see the best results.

Nick’s training style varies depending on each individual client and their goals, as no individual is ever the same. Nick works closely with each client to help them create a way in which they will not only attack goals and improve their health and wellbeing, but also make it so they enjoy the journey.

Outside of the gym, Nick stays active playing social volleyball and going on hikes. He also enjoys film photography, reading, and watching movies and sports.

What's your hidden talent?

I can surprisingly eat a lot; can safely say I could probably out eat a lot of people if it came down to it

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Probably a Hummingbird – they eat up to twice their weight in nectar every day to fuel themselves, which sounds like something I can get around

What is your favourite meal?

Can’t go wrong with a decent taco night

Speciality Areas:

  • Hypertrophy & Strength Training
  • Bodyweight & Resistance Training
  • Functional Fitness
  • Interval Training & HIIT Training


  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • AIF Master Trainer Level 1

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