Baxter Coon

“Have fun with it!”

Baxter was always on the smaller side when he was growing up, and as a teenager he joined the gym with a mate to become bigger and stronger. He loved watching trainers in the gym connecting with their clients, and assisting them along their journey. He realised that was something he would enjoy doing, and decided to become a trainer. Now, his favourite part of his job is helping his clients smash their goals.

For those new to fitness, Baxter recommends avoiding all hesitation. He says it’s important to just ‘try that new exercise or move that heavier weight”. He also advises to have fun with your training, and not be afraid to ask questions.

Baxter’s training style is dependent on his client’s needs and goals, but you'll often find him coaching strength and hypertrophy with a focus on technique and form.

Outside of the gym, Baxter loves a day out to the beach or shopping, relaxing at home or playing games with mates.

What's your hidden talent?

I can spin anything flat on my finger

What's your favourite meal?

It's got to be a carbonara or a pub snitty, if I could combine them into one meal then that would be heaven

What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

Where did I put my keys?

Speciality Areas:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Hypertrophy
  • Nutrition
  • Muscle Gain
  • Fat loss


  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Level 1 Master Trainer

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