Baylee Mitchell


Baylee was a dancer from a very young age, but once she grew out of it, she needed something else to keep her active. That’s when she joined the gym, and hasn’t looked back since. Noticing how much of a difference health and fitness had on her own life and how much better she felt inspired Baylee to want to help others to feel the same. There’s nothing she loves more than seeing the joy in her clients’ faces when they notice progress in their training or changes in themselves.

For those new to fitness, Baylee suggest doing something you enjoy. The best exercise for you to reach your goals is the exercise that you enjoy the most because it means you are more likely to be consistent. Just have fun!

Baylee’s training style focuses on strength and resistance training with some HIIT, to create a balanced approach customised to her clients’ desired results.

If she’s not at the gym, you’ll find Baylee on a long coastal walk binging a podcast, or spending time with her friends.

What is your favourite gym exercise?

Incline dumbbell press

What is your favourite food?

Biscoff on toast

Dogs or cats?


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