Boxing + HIIT

What is Combo?

Combo is Revo’s very own 24/7 high-intensity boxing workout, accessible to every member at select clubs. Combo runs all day and all night on screens in a designated functional training area at select clubs.

Thanks to the endorphin rush that goes hand-in-hand with high intensity training, it’s easy to get hooked on this training style. Understand your limits and always consult a health professional if you are a first time user or new to fitness.

Why Combo?

Combo is a 30 minute self-run circuit program designed to challenge your body and mind with a new combination every single day. It’s a great full body workout for those looking to get their heart rate up and maximise calorie burn.

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How to combo

  • 1.
  • Grab all the equipment needed for the workout
  • 2.
  • Begin at exercise 1 and make your way through all 10 exercises
  • 3.
  • 40 seconds of work & 20 seconds of rest & reset
  • 4.
  • Rotate to the next exercise during rest period
  • 5.
  • 80 seconds of rest after completing the 10 exercises
  • 6.
  • Work through the circuit 3 times to complete your combo workout

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