Courtney Cheetham


Courtney was always a sporty kid growing up, but started training when she was 16, and her love for health and fitness grew from there. Courtney aims to help people make the gym a part of their daily routine, and not a chore. She wants her clients to feel their best, with higher energy levels, a positive mindset and maximising their health through sustainable habits.

Her biggest piece of advice for those new to fitness is to invest in a good coach, create a routine you can adhere to that is sustainable for the long term, and lastly, always believe in yourself and trust the process!

Courtney’s training style revolves predominantly around resistance weight training, with a huge focus on mind-to-muscle connection and tempo. Technique and form is far more important than ego-lifting.

When she’s not training in the gym, Courtney loves going out for Japanese food, walking along the coast or going on coffee dates with the girls.

What is your favourite gym exercise?

Smith Machine Hip Thrusts

What is your favourite food?

A tie between gnocchi and salmon sushi

What was the last song you listened to on Spotify?

03 Bonnie and Clyde (JAY-Z and Beyonce)

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