Dan Petts

"Building good habits creates lasting change."

Dan's parents were the inspiration that kickstarted his own health journey from a young age. He observed the physical benefits of what training and nutrition had to offer, a dynamic duo.

His aim is to teach his clients the important fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and how building good habits creates lasting change. Dan's aim is to build a strong foundation for the body by focusing on strength and functional movement training, incorporating his knowledge and passion of nutrition and of course overall obtaining an enjoyable experience for his clients.

He works on an individual basis, this allows him to focus specifically on your needs; calorie and macronutrient intake and outtakes, and therefore, help you achieve your goals accordingly.

Studying health and fitness isn't the only thing Dan loves. When he's not in the gym, you'll find him searching for the next tropical island or new destination to travel to.

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs! My dog is hilarious haha.

What is your go-to karaoke jam?

Stacy’s Mom haha!

What is your hidden talent?

Making people smile and feel good about themselves!

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