Gem Ursino


A trained acrobat and dancer as a kid, fitness and training has always been a big part of Gem’s life. Gem started really loving the gym when she first left school, and quickly fell in love with the process of getting stronger and seeing the changes in her body. She enjoys learning different styles of training and loves how diverse training can be.

Since there are so many ways to train, Gem believes in finding something you love and enjoy doing to make the process that much more rewarding. “Make small changes every day and you are on your way.”

Gem’s training style is recomposition focused to help her clients build their goal physique and shape. Every program is customised, focusing on progressive overload and mastering technique in all compound and accessory movements.

For Gem, there’s nothing better than having a cheeky dance out with her friends or spending her free time walking along the coast with a coffee.

Dogs or cats?


What is your hidden talent?

I used to be a backup dancer for some really cool singers!

What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

Did I miss any Beyonce albums?

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