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house 3 Davies Road, Claremont WA, 6010 house 1370 Square Metres | 24/7 Access house 1300 738 638 house

Shake up your route at Perth's most accommodating facility

If you’re looking to level up, then our Claremont gym is the place for you. This two level gym is in the heart of the western suburbs and conveniently positioned to satisfy all your fitness and lifestyle needs. Located 100m from the Claremont Transperth train station and a short four minute drive from the Claremont Quarter, you can smash your workout and explore the range of cafes, restaurants and shops all in close proximity.

With an additional 600 square metres of space on the second floor, you can look out onto Revo Fitness Stadium and bask in the serenity as you break a sweat. We’ve also installed our state of the art, 24/7, self-run, full-body workout circuit program, HIITFIT.

Situated inside Revo Fitness Stadium, our Claremont gym is the largest and most accommodating 24 hour fitness gym in the western suburbs.

Welcome to the new Claremont.

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