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Ready to HIIT the ground running?

Revo Fitness Kelmscott gym is an inviting space offering a huge functional training area set up for our self-run circuit program, HIITFIT.

Running 24/7, our HIITFIT program will be your new favourite workout. Combining strength training, body weight training, functional training and cardio all into one self-run full body workout, you’ll be maximising your time at the gym on every visit.

If HIITFIT isn’t quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry. There’s plenty of other top of the line cardio, pin loaded, plate loaded and lifting equipment available to use on the floor.

With incredible interior designed features, as well as beautiful natural light spilling across the gym floor, our Kelmscott gym will leave you feeling like home and ready to smash your fitness goals.

To make matters easier, the gym is within walking distance from the Kelmscott train station (Armadale Line), or if you’re driving, we have a large private parking lot!

If you want to HIIT up a new workout space that is suitable for all fitness types, the Revo Kelmscott gym is the place to be.

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