Jessica Morrison

"achieve those fitness goals"

Jessica's love of training in the gym sparked from the recognition that her previous lifestyle had not been taking a toll on her body. Jessica went from owning her own business in events promotion and working 24/7, she began training with a personal trainer and soon became a gym fanatic. This passion grew to include martial arts kickboxing and Muay Thai, resulting in a 4-month training stint in Thailand which cemented Jessica's desire to become a personal trainer and help people achieve their goals in fitness.

For Jessica, getting a personal trainer is key when starting your fitness journey. You'll receive the help and support to set the right plan to achieve those fitness goals. Starting slow and being consistent with the training and progressing step by step.

Jessica likes to channel her training style into working on endurance and strength together, make the time as much as efficient and beneficial by putting supersets, compound exercises, and doing progressive overload to see the improvements. She likes to incorporate some cardiovascular training to keep the blood flow, heart pumping, lungs open, and high energy! Jessica also has a passion for teaching kickboxing for fitness.

Away from the gym, Jessica likes to keep moving through a variety of activities ranging from rollerblading by the beach, going for a run, yoga, and beach soccer. She loves exploring the beaches on offer around Perth and also bush tracks! Jessica relaxes by going out for breakfast or settling in for the night with a good and healthy dinner and Netflix.

Favourite gym exercise?

Hard to say I like a bunch of them but training abs I think ...

What is your go-to cheat meal?

Ice cream, chocolate.... definitely sugar!

Do Pineapples Belong on pizza?

Not at all! yuckkk

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