Steff Conneely

"Strong is beautiful"

One day after a visit to the hairdressers, Steff not only left with a new hairstyle but some life altering advice (as you do at the hairdressers) that proved to be a catalyst to take the leap into a career full of fitness.

Steff grew a desire to help others feel the same way and is committed to the process, "New goals don't deliver new results, new lifestyles do. A lifestyle is not an outcome, it is a process." Steff's training style teaches clients not to be afraid of lifting heavy weights, embodying her belief that, "strong is beautiful".

Steff takes a holistic approach to each client's individual needs and will have you both jamming out to progressive weight training and HIIT sweat sessions. When she's not in the gym she's exploring nature- an integral part of her own process and when she's at home, she's making banana bread - because life is all about balance.

Dogs or Cats?


What was the last song you listened to on Spotify?

MANTRA - Bring me the horizon

What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

Where’s the burgers at?

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